OGLplus (0.52.0) a C++ wrapper for OpenGL

ranges.hpp File Reference

Range-related algorithms. More...

#include <oglplus/config/basic.hpp>
#include <oglplus/detail/base_range.hpp>

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class  oglplus::Range
 Wrapper class for all ranges that can be used for Element traversal. More...
struct  oglplus::ranges::IsRange< Range >
 Metafunction for checking if a type conforms to the oglplus::Range concept. More...
class  oglplus::ranges::AnyRange< Element >
 A type erasure for types conforming to the oglplus::Range concept. More...


 All definitions of OGLplus are nested in the oglplus namespace.
 The range algorithms are defined in this namespace.


template<typename Range , typename Func >
Func oglplus::ranges::ForEach (Range range, Func func)
 Executes a functor on every element in a range.
template<typename Range >
Range oglplus::ranges::Find (Range range, typename Range::ValueType value)
 Finds the specified value in a range. More...
template<typename Range , typename Predicate >
Range oglplus::ranges::FindIf (Range range, Predicate predicate)
 Finds the first a value satisfying a predicate in a range. More...
template<typename Range , typename Transf >
Transformed< Range, Transf > oglplus::ranges::Transform (Range range, Transf transf)
 Transforms a range by an unary function. More...
template<typename Range , typename State , typename Op >
State oglplus::ranges::Fold (Range range, State state, Op op)
 Folds the range by using a binary functor and a state value. More...
template<typename Range , typename Predicate >
Filtered< Range, Predicate > oglplus::ranges::OnlyIf (Range range, Predicate pred)
 Returns a range containing only elements satisfying a predicate. More...

Detailed Description

Range-related algorithms.

Matus Chochlik

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